Tama 38

Tama 38 in Israel

Tama 38 is a program of the state of Israel to strengthen buildings to withstand earthquakes and construct security rooms. The plan was set up by the Israeli government via the ministry of state in order to upgrade the infrastructure and the building all around the country, and strengthen them to withstand potential earthquakes in the region. A building with old infrastructure that is earthquake-prone, is not up to modern standards to safety and strength, and so the government has decided to encourage the upgrade and strengthening of these buildings.

In addition to upgrading the basic infrastructure of the building, the program allows upgrading the building and its infrastructures, adding value in many ways, and even additional apartments & upgrades, increases in living areas, adding extensions to the outer perimeter of the building, adding re-enforced security rooms, elevators, balconies, and upgrading the common areas and building lobbies. These entrepreneurial projects are usually implemented with no cost to the tentants, who benefit from a new and upgraded modern asset, with great added value with no investment on their part.

We specialize in utilizing innovative legal tools, building the complete legal infrastructure and representation of both tenants and entrepreneurs in Tama 38 projects.