Avi Avraham, Entrepreneur: Apartment Owners Should Not Pay the Price of the Coronavirus

Calcalist, June 2016

Starting from legal consultation and even support grants - the CEO of Ester Avraham Holdings discusses the ways in which urban renewal can be revitalized and how to provide creative solutions to the customers: "Now is the time to show solidarity and maneuver around the obstacles."


Photo: Johannes Felten


The Children Who Grew Up in the Netanya Market, are the Businessmen Who are Responsible for it's Renewal Project

Ynet, May 2016
Behind the Netanya Market Renewal Project, stand three business owners for whom it is much more than just another real estate development project. Menashe Zuaretz and David Baninu, were born in Netanya and are sons of market stall owners, grew up in the market.


Photo: Assaf Friedman


Azorim and the Netanya Renewal Company Will Promote Pinui Binui Areas as well as Tama 38

Calcalist, June 2016
Azorim Ltd. and the Netanya Renewal Company owned by Menashe Zoaretz, David Beninu and Avi Avraham signed a contract to launch and implement an urban renewal project (Pinui Binui) in the corner of Sokolov & Weizmann in Netanya. 


Photo: Nimrod Glikman


The Italian Who is Preserving Tel Aviv

Ynet, November 2016
With over 50 years of experience and tens of projects around the world, Prof. Andrea Bruno is considered a world-class expert in the field of architectural preservation of historical buildings, museums and public buildings and even serves as a senior consultant to UNESCO of the United Nations.


Photo: Gabi Ohad


Pinui Binui in the Center of Netanya: 350 Residential Units instead of 72 Residential Units

Globes, October 2016

Azorim and the Netanya Renewal Company came together on a collaboration to build four towers on the corner of the Weizmann and Be'eri streets in the city ■ The sq.m. constructed ratio will be 1:4.2



A Huge Urban Renewal Project in Netanya Totalling 180 Million NIS

Funder, June 2016
The Netanya Renewal Company signed agreements to renew and strengthen ten residential buildings in the coastal & boardwalk area of Netanya. In this project 145 residential units will be strengthened and 100 new apartments will be built with a total investment of 180 million NIS.



The Netanya Renewal Company Presents: Tama 38 - Questions & Answers

Netanya Online, March 2017

Adv. Avi Avraham, an expert on Tama 38 processes and a partner in the Netanya Renewal Company, answers all the questions that interest thousands.



Netanya: 10 Residential Buildings in the Boardwalk Area Will Undergo Tama 38

Calcalist, July 2016

In the scope of the project the ten buildings will be strengthened, including all 140 residential units, and 100 new apartments will be built totalling 180 million NIS.



The Netanya Renewal Company - is Leading Netanya to Urban Renewal

Netanya Online, January 2016

With the help of a team of experts who are professional and experienced, the Netanya Renewal Company leads a long line of projects, especially in the center of the city, and operates non-stop to initiate urban renewal projects of Pinui Binui.



Everything You've Wanted to Know About Urban Renewal and Tama 38

Netanya Online, July 2017

Adv. Avi Avraham, an expert on processes of urban renewal and a partner in the Netanya Renewal Company, answers all the burning questions about urban renewal and Tama 38.



Congratulations to Sokolov

A new collaboration which will bring the construction of hundreds of residential units by Pinui Binui on the western side of the Sokolov street, the parties intend to expand the activity to additional areas in the city.