Construction & Zoning

Real Estate Construction & Zoning

We specialize in real estate construction & zoning law and all their finer points, spanning across planning, development, zoning, construction and contracts between investors, entrepreneurs and residents as required in each project.

We work with entrepreneurs, construction companies and investors in many projects, while providing a complete legal solution.

We take the lead in all our projects, from due diligence and detailed legal background checks to planning, including utilizing innovative legal tools and a thorough approach to ensure the best conditions and returns are attained for our clients, while ensuring their investments are of the highest level of security.

Our unique experience in tens of urban renewal projects has put us in a position to provide valuable best practices, guidance and be sensitive to the finer points of realization of the projects. We are your premier legal firm with unique experience and specialty that can provide premier solutions that are thorough and of the highest quality, that will ensure projects that are smoother, more precise and with higher returns.