Responsibility & Sustainability

We at Menahem, Avraham & Co. contribute to the community by supporting environmental responsibility projects, green environments in the middle of urban areas, sustainability and community projects. Our unique position and network of connections allows us to promote such projects.

Community & Contribution

We believe that some of the most needed initiatives in the community today are ecological, sustainability awareness. We value communities, and in the urban renewal projects we are involved in, we continuously strive to empower, enrich and improve the living experience and communities by promoting green environments, parks, and common areas that increase living standards and strengthen the connection to the environment and mother nature.

Modern urban life can be greatly enhanced by green environments that bring nature into the heart of the city, and create a unique place for individuals and families to come together, socialize, and enjoy leisure time together.

We collaborate with and contribute to several ecological organizations and communities that promote social, green environments in urban areas in Israel in general and specifically in projects represented by our firm, in collaboration with local municipalities.