About Us

Menahem, Avraham & Co.

Menahem, Avraham & Co. is a boutique law firm in Tel Aviv, that specializes in providing legal services to private investors and real estate entrepreneurs.

Prestige & Quality

We specialize in custom-tailored solutions for construction, planning, and urban renewal (both Tama 38 & Pinui-Binui) in Israel. Proper planning and legal implementation of real estate and urban renewal, can substantially affect the added value of the project. We aim to maximize the profits for our customers by providing valuable insight and top of the line legal services.

Services for Entrepreneurs

At M&A we understand entrepreneurs - focusing on smart legal solutions, with a deep understanding of investments in real estate and urban renewal projects across Israel. We understand the priorities, approach, and requirements of entrepreneurs, and this allows us to provide better service and higher value for our customers.

National Network

M&A maintains a network of connections to powerful market leaders in the Israeli market, including entrepreneurs, businessmen and leading companies, which presents us with unique deals and opportunities in Israel, and thus allows us to provide added value to the company's customers.

International Network

M&A has a powerful, influential network around the world, and we provide legal council to some of the more prominent Jewish families in Europe (specifically Zurich, Amsterdam & London). Our clients rely on us to provide consultation, leverage and legal services.

We are able to create unique connections that benefit our clients and create profitable collaborations.


It would be our pleasure to render legal services to meet your unique requirements.