Pinui Binui

Pinui Binui in Israel

The Pinui Binui Program, (Literally "evacuation & construction") is a program initiated by the state of Israel, operating under the ministry of construction and housing since 1998 - in order to utilize the land available in the cities of Israel more fully, to improve the lives and life quality of tenants by entrepreneurial projects. In a Pinui Binui project the buildings are destroyed and new construction takes place instead, while maintaining the construction rights within the bounds of the law. Thus the infrastructure, the roads, the environment, the parks and the area all around the project change completely and undergo a process of enhancement and added value.

The Pinui Binui program allows a complete renewal of all the buildings and infrastructures, adding value in many ways, substantially increasing the number of apartments and providing upgrades, increases in living areas, brand new modern buildings, with complete environmental development all around the buildings. These entrepreneurial projects are usually implemented with no cost to the tentants, who benefit from a new and upgraded modern asset, with great added value.

We specialize in utilizing innovative legal tools to maximize the efficiency and potential of Pinui Binui projects and building the complete & efficient legal infrastructure for both tenants and entrepreneurs.